Cryptocurrency Dash makes three announcements to the community

The artist formerly known as Darkcoin, which was formerly known as X-coin is making huge strides to reach the top of the cryptocurrency chain.  Dash, currently ranked number 12 in the cryptocurrency race, has suffered the same setbacks this week seen by virtually all cryptocurrencies and has fallen by 20% on the week.  In an effort to show the community that it cares, Dash developers recently took to the 'Net to pass information they hope will shore up the coin and possibly even propel it up a notch or two.

Dash will be updating Dash Electrum in the not-too-distant future.  Electrum is a light wallet that uses a secure key that is not sent to the servers.   Electrum also provides the capability for users' wallets to be recovered from any seed.  Electrum will be updated to patch a security vulnerability.

On Wednesday, the Binance crypto exchange became the target of hackers.  While the criminals were able to initially make off with some users' coins, when the issue was found, Binance disabled withdrawals.  In the end, all lost coins were returned and trading was reinstated. 

Dash also announced that it would now be offered on CoinSwitch, an exchange platform that offers trading of more than 250 digital currencies with over 6000 crypto pairs.  CoinSwitch launched Dash support on March 7.  

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