Blue Moon Inventor Brews Marijuana-Infused Beer

The man who came up with the iconic Blue Moon Beer is dipping his toes into marijuana-infused brews. Keith Villa, who worked for MillerCoors for 32 years and developed Blue Moon Belgian Wheat, is working on a cannabis brew that mimics the effects of booze but without an alcohol-induced headache.

Villa plans to launch his new brews in Colorado this fall. The drinks will be non-alcoholic. A carefully crafted THC formula in the brew is designed to “hit” users at roughly the same pace as drinking a typical beer. His new brewing company is called CERIA.

Marijuana-infused foods and beverages are infamously frustrating for users because the intoxicating effects can take an hour or more to kick in, making users more likely to consume far more than they intended and left untold numbers of users feeling uncomfortably high.

For Villa, his new formula is all about creating a brew that beer drinkers will love. His recipe is developed with the help of Colorado-based Ebbu, a marijuana infusion company that makes the science of extracting marijuana compounds into an art form. Ebbu claims their technology allows them to imbue specific highs in their infused drinks and food powders, like feelings of euphoria or relaxation.

Through extensive double-blind testing, Ebbu says they have found formulas that produce consistent experiences for consumers. The company already produces powder infusions that mimic alcoholic mixed drinks including a “Canna Rita” margarita. Villa will use Ebbu’s consistent infusions in the production of a light beer, a wheat beer, and an Imperial or barrel-aged stout.

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