Australian retiree loses entire savings in poker scam

Queue the facepalm, the cringes and the smirks.  An Australian retiree recently took a trip to Bali, Indonesia, where he became friends with an "innocent young lady."  It would appear that she was neither innocent nor a lady, and the unsuspecting Aussie was taken for $200,000 in a family poker game. 

The gentleman, who didn't want to be identified but said his name was "Joe," has made numerous trips to the exotic island, but this particular trip found him making friends with a young lady that invited him to return to her house to meet her family.  When he arrived, several family members were playing poker, and Joe was convinced to participate in the game that started with a $200 stake. 

When an older wealthy man arrived with a suitcase full of cash, he joined in the fun, at first losing to Joe.  As the stakes got higher, Joe began to lose and was talked into borrowing money from the family to try to recuperate his losses. 

By now, most readers know where this is going, but it gets better.  When the rich businessman placed a $50,000 bet, Joe wasn't able to make the call.  However, the family of his new lady friend convinced him that he had a hand that couldn't be beaten, and needed to find the money.  At this point Joe actually jumped on a plane to his home in Perth, Australia, withdrew the cash and returned to Bali - a full week and a half later!

By the time it was all said and done, Joe had been played for $200,000 - his entire pension - while being shuffled around Bali, Malaysia and Manilla.  There was no word on whether or not he and his lady friend are engaged to be married.

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