Street Fighter 5 Reveals Blanka as Latest DLC in New Trailer

Blanka is back as the newest DLC character to join the cast of Street Fighter 5. Capcom revealed the addition of the orange and green electric wonder in a new trailer video. He is slated to become a playable character on February 20.

Visually similar to his previous iterations, Blanka appears as beastly as ever in the trailer, though he is sporting some new bushy arm hair. The SFV storyline meets Blanka at a time of peace when he is living with his mother and adapting to society. Along comes a salesman with an offer of fame and fortune: a mass-produced Blanka doll.

The storyline teaser implies that Blanka’s story mode will take some wacky turns this time around. In battle, Blanka is far from peaceful, sticking to the same biting, head-butting, and beastly clawing moves that have long been staples of his character.

However, his moves have been upgraded to fit the larger scale of SFV. Combinations have Blanka rolling electric shocks that toss his opponent higher and higher into the air. Called Jungle Dynamo, his roll attack powers up his Electric Thunder, giving his opponent an x-ray to go with their K.O.

Blanka will be available for $6 or 100,000 in-game fight money. His DLC comes at no additional cost for players with the Season 3 Character Pass. Players who purchase Blanka with in-game currency will not receive his battle costume or default costume in all the available colors.

Those with the Season 3 Character Pass already have Sakura, and will also get Sagat for no extra charge, who is slated for release in the near future.

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