Poker player finally collects Red Rock bad beat jackpot

In July of last year, a game of poker at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas triggered the casino’s bad beat jackpot.  The resulting payout of $120,000 was denied by casino officials due to a technicality, and that’s where the fun begins.  The players involved took the case to arbitration, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has finally passed down its decision, ruling in favor of the players.

83-year-old Avi Shamir picked up a straight flush in that fateful game, only to have it beaten by a higher straight flush held by his opponent, Leonard Schreter.  The result was a hefty payout that should have been shared equitably among the players involved.  However, the casino determined that Shamir had spoken about his hand before revealing his cards.  This, they said, violated the rules of the game and canceled the prize.  The dispute came from the fact that Shamir spoke about his cards after the river card had been dealt and both players were all in, so any card talk at that point couldn’t impact the outcome. 

After seven months of back-and-forth between the NGCB, the players and Red Rock Casino officials, the NGCB has now determined that the jackpot should be paid.  Shamir is expected to receive the largest portion, $62,126, while the other players will divvy up the rest.  The ruling didn’t specify how much each of the others would receive, but based on the rules of the bad beat jackpot game, Schreter would receive 25% of the remainder, and the other 25% would be divided among the rest of the group.  The casino accepted the ruling.

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