Phil Hellmuth’s #Positivity campaign suffers setback

While Phil Hellmuth may know a lot about winning at poker, he recently published a book on a different topic.  The book, “#Positivity” was released on Amazon and is designed to provide motivational guidance to help people lead a positive life. He also uses the hashtag “#POSITIVITY” in virtually all of his social media posts.  However, he didn’t exactly lead by example when he decided to stiff an Uber driver after a recent trip and neglected to give her a tip. 

The driver, who wasn’t named, jumped on social media to complain, posting, “Bring this dude to airport – acts totally Privileged [sic] – ordered xl for just him – had heat blasting and interior light on hole [sic] time…not even 1$ tip like ok if I was a poker star I woulda tipped u!”  The post admonishing one of poker’s winningest players was also accompanied by a selfie with him, so it couldn’t have been all that bad. 

The post caused a little bit of a stir, with several tongue-in-cheek responses being added.  Max Mitchell replied, “here’s a tip honey, dont [sic] call a raise with queen 10” and ITTW (InThruTheWindow) leaving, “I can dodge tipping baby!”  Not all the responses were negative, though.  The Poker Brat’s longtime friendly rival, Daniel Negreanu got into the mix, posting, “You can accuse @phil_hellmuth of a lot of things, but being cheap isn’t one of them from my experience.  He has always been generous as far as I know.”  Perhaps Hellmuth was just a little short on cash after his recent loss at the US Poker Open Mixed Game final table.  

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