Nevada poker revenue remains flat, but that’s good

During the poker craze, it seems like everyone was getting in on the game.  Nevada saw a spike in both attendance and revenue before things began to settle down.  Last year saw the smallest increase in revenue from poker; however, with fewer poker tables available in the gambling state, the increase is actually pretty significant. 

Poker revenue climbed from $800,000 to about $118 million, an increase of less than 1% over the previous year.  Two poker rooms, Luxor and the Monte Carlo, dropped out of sight, meaning less options for poker fans.  It was the highest amount taken by the 71 casinos in Nevada since 2014 when they pulled in just shy of $120 million. The amount of brick-and-mortar poker rooms has dropped substantially since Nevada offered 106 card rooms and 886 poker tables in 2006.  The highest amount recorded was $168 million and came in 2007.

Poker revenue began a sharp decline in 2011 due primarily to Black Friday, and it has continued to decline since.  However, taking into consideration that there is only a fraction of the number of tables available today compared to previous years, the casino’s take is impressive.  A higher revenue, even if it’s only 1%, with fewer tables indicates that the game is still going strong and isn’t on its way out, as some have claimed.  

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