Louisiana Police Arrest Dealer Accused of Deck Stacking to Win a Bad Beat Jackpot

An attempt to scam a poker room’s bad beat jackpot in more than a bad rap for a Louisiana poker player and his dealer. State police arrested Dale Foret, 51, and poker dealer Ashley Solomon, 66, on Friday for rigging a bad beat at an unnamed poker room in January.

Officers say they were notified by casino staff that there were “several inconsistencies” in the most recent bad-beat promotion. The pot had reached $166,000. The ensuing police investigation revealed that Foret and Solomon might have worked together to win the most significant share of the jackpot by setting up a seemingly-unbeatable bad hand.

Officers say Solomon stacked the deck, then proceeded to conduct two false shuffles. The hand that struck the bad-beat jackpot was dealt after the second false shuffle. It is unknown whether any other players at the table were aware of the scam. Solomon is accused of communicating with Foret before and after the cards were dealt.

Police did not release details several details of the case to protect the casino, including the name of the casino, the cards of the losing hand, or the amount Foret was in line to win for the bad beat. The losing hand in a bad beat is typically awarded 40 percent of the jackpot while the winning hand gets a smaller portion and the rest is divided among the other players at the table.

The police investigation halted the jackpot payout. The full amount remains available for players who abide by the “proper and approved rules of play,” said police. Solomon and Foret are charged with conspiracy to commit theft over $25,000 and attempted theft over $25,000.

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