Fortnite Reaches New Player Milestone During Weekend of Server Outages

Downtime is bad for any major online player vs. player game, but some games have a following so strong they are hardly affected. It turns out neither server outages or the most watched annual sporting event could slowdown Fortnite’s growth. The game hit a new player milestone on Super Bowl Sunday of 3.4 million concurrent users.

Epic announced the achievement in a blog post this week. Fortnite is the second Battle Royale game to cross the three million player mark so far this year. The first was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which hit three million concurrent players in January.

While the number is impressive, it is not an accurate representation of how much money the game’s publisher, Epic Games, is making off the title. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is free-to-play, and Epic did not provide a breakdown of purchases.

Epic has been transparent with players about the problems with Fortnite regarding server issues and bugs. In a detailed blog post, Epic described what caused the system to go down over the weekend along with the developer’s plans to ensure server stability moving forward.

The blog post was referring to times when the game’s servers crashed unintentionally, and not to times when they brought down the servers for an update as they did this week. Fortnite servers went offline as update 2.4.2 was added to all platforms.

Players are now experimenting with a new silent weapon – the stealthy crossbow that comes with unlimited arrows. Next week the game will include a Valentine’s skin for the new weapon in a holiday-themed event.

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