Fall in love with The Cage this Valentine’s Day

A lot of noise has been made about The Live Cage, a real-world version of our popular time-based cash game starting in March and taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica. Every Sunday, we guarantee three packages worth $8,000 apiece through the $55 buy-in Beast and Sit & Crush satellite (6pm ET).

And as thrilling as our Live Cage promises to be, the excitement of the online version is pretty big — especially since it happens weekly and you don’t have to wait until March to play in it.

The Cage takes place every Wednesday at 7pm ET, so today is your chance to jump into the event and conquer it. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re going to love it.

We’d love to tell you about the payout schedule and how much cash you stand to make, but there is no payout schedule. That’s what makes The Cage so special.

The Cage plays like a tournament in that there are increasing blinds and antes with every level. And just like a tournament, there is an end to it all. But unlike a tournament, you don’t play until one player is left standing. Instead, The Cage plays down to a running clock. When it strikes zero, it’s game over. You’ll get paid out for your chip stack, dollar for dollar.

The Cage costs $1,000+50 to get into and you’ll start with exactly 1,000 chips — each with a $1 real cash value.

You can get into The Cage through a satellite now. Don’t miss out.

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