Ethereum could surpass Bitcoin by April 2018

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is undeniably the current leader among cryptocurrencies, that might not always be the case.  Ethereum is looking to dethrone the popular digital coin and could do so by April of this year.  Not in terms of price, but, rather, of market domination. 

Bitcoin has consistently blazed the cryptocurrency path of market capitalization.  As new coins are launched on the market, they can potentially cause Bitcoin’s market cap to decrease if their growth from the onset exceeds the market average.  This doesn’t translate into a decrease in value; it is just an indicator of the market interest. 

This strong growth is what is occurring presently with Ethereum.  Currently, Bitcoin’s command on the market is the lowest ever.  The crash Bitcoin suffered earlier this year is still rippling, and the digital currency’s growth is steady at around 33%.  Ethereum, on the other hand, has had several significant spikes, due to several blockchain partnerships, and now controls 22% of the market. 

Apart from the market cap increase enjoyed by Ethereum, Bitcoin has suffered blame for the cryptocurrency crash.  This has resulted in waining interest in the coin and a belief that it could come screeching to a halt.  Looking at the increased interest in Ethereum, and the decreased interest in Bitcoin, it’s very conceivable to picture a world where Ethereum outweighs the current leader, possibly as soon as April of this year.  Were this to happen, Bitcoin could see a rapid fall from grace, with Ethereum leveraging a greater amount of interest and investment.

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