Billings casino robbed at gunpoint

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It’s a face-palm moment.  There’s one thing in the gambling world that’s certain – casinos have cameras.  If you’re going to rob a casino, it’s probably not a good idea to try to hide out at another casino in the area that, of course, has cameras.  Thieves, however, aren’t known for their Einstein-like minds. 

A suspect held up Dotty’s Casino in Billings, MT on Monday at around 11:50 PM.  He entered the casino brandishing a handgun and demanded money.  He was able to get out the front door with an undisclosed amount of money, where a second suspect was waiting for him.  Local police used video surveillance footage from Dotty’s to go over the evidence, and a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car was found an hour later at the Gold Dust Casino.  The Gold Dust is only 15 minutes from Dotty’s.

The two suspects, both from Billings, were taken into custody and are in jail on suspicion of robbery.  The suspects are Antonio F. Gutierrez, 35, and Christopher A. Esrey, 30, and they’re being held at the Yellowstone County jail.  Esrey has prior convictions for felony burglary and drug possession.  He’ll have plenty of time to try and come up with a new harebrained plan as he sits in his new cell.  



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