Integrated Gamebattles Evolve Call of Duty Esports

Call of Duty has struggled to evolve as an esport. Though the game is incredibly popular, its competitions have never attracted the numbers of leading esports. Players say the hurdles they have to overcome to get into competitions are to blame. Can CoD's new integrated Gamebattles solve players' issues?

Call of Duty recently introduced new integrated features, Gamebattles and ranked play, making them easily accessible for casual players for the first time. It marks a turning point in the game from the days when players had to go outside the game to find matches, then manually read the rules and adjust their game settings to comply before they could enter the competition. It required having accounts on two separate websites and a lot of patience.

Integrating all of these functions into the game is expected to entice a much more significant percentage of players to experiment with competition and rank. While the two new features are not without their flaws, they create a clear path to CoD esports that was missing from the game before.

As an esport, CoD is faster, more intense, and utterly different from the casual experience of the game. This difference between the two is so vast many competitive players say it prevents CoD from picking up viewership and becoming popular as an esport – casual players just do not understand the professional level of the game.

In addition to providing a clear path for casual players to advance to a pro level, the new features are expected to drum up more interest in CoD esports.

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