Cryptocurrency platform Aragon to offer development grants

A program by the Aragon platform, called Aragon Nest, was recently created to offer grants to developers.  Incorporating financial support, community oversight and direct counsel, Aragon Nest is designed to fuel the development of supporting infrastructure for both Aragon and Ethereum, to help the cryptocurrencies evolve in a logical and organized manner.  Aragon Nest will be used to identify and overcome problems that the community views as stumbling blocks to vertical growth.  Over the course of the next several months, Aragon will be teaming up with a venture capital firm, Placeholder Capital, to begin the program’s implementation. 

Grant requests will be evaluated by an internal team of Aragon and Placeholder personnel.  Requests should be focused on solving problems that are put forth by the team and the community.  Review of the submissions will be owned by the community and will be completely transparent.  All code created in conjunction with Aragon Nest must be published and must be open source; however, any intellectual property created by grant-winners will remain private property of those individuals. 

Placeholder was founded in August 2017 by Joel Monegro and Chris Burniske.  The venture capital firm specializes in decentralized information networks, specifically those that use tokens as incentives.  Monegro and Burniske have extensive experience analyzing cryptocurrency projects and will serve as advisors for the Aragon Nest program. 

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