Casino Resorts Face Dark Web Threats, Says Cyber Intelligence

Insidious cyber threats lurk beneath the surface of the World Wide Web in what is known as the Dark Web, and casino resorts are among their targets. According to the cybersecurity firm IntSights Cyber Intelligence Ltd., 1,500 online security threats targeted casinos in just the last six months.

What Kind of Threats?

The first thing everyone wants to know is what kind of threats do casinos face from the Dark Web and do they target customers? The company uncovered eight different types of attacks. Each type of attack was either aimed at customers or could affect the casino in a way that would cause problems for patrons.

The most common Dark Web threats IntSights uncovered were:

Slot machine hacking
Branded casino chips for sale
Casino hacking tutorials
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
Casino resort “scam guides.”
Customer log-in information for sale, often with access to a cash balance
Instructions for illegal cash-out methods
Point-of-sale hacking tools for sale

Where Did IntSights Find the Treats?

The cybersecurity firm regularly digs through the Dark Web looking for signs of security threats. These include internal company logins, leaked staff credentials, fake or phishing domains, and more. Their search includes hacking forums, black markets, leaked databases, and other closed groups on the Dark Web.

IntSights recent report emphasized the seriousness of the threats with examples of cyber attacks that took down major casino operators. In 2014, the Las Vegas Sands Corp suffered a cyber attack that forced their entire network of websites down for almost a week.

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