Players Pick: League of Legends Puts New Illaoi Skin Up to Fan Vote

Illaoi, League of Legends’ resident kraken priestess, is about to get her first new skin in two years. Three skin options have been posted, and the indecisive developers at Riot are leaving it up to players to pick the one that will go live in the game via fan vote.

Jon Buran, a concept artist at Riot, posted the three Illaoi skins in the game’s nexus website where players can go now to vote. The choices are:

Battlecast Illaoi – a grey, black and red version that is part woman, part machine. She fights against Creator Viktor’s evolution.

Adventurer Illaoi – Illaoi takes on a bright yellow look inspired by Indiana Jones after defeating ancient curses and discovering hidden temples.

Deep Space Illaoi – Oozing black sludge from space has infected the priestess, who plans to continue spreading the infection to add to her “family.”

According to the post, the above-mentioned skins have been in the works for a while now. Each is unique and will take the character in a very different direction from the others. Do players prefer the potent mix of woman and machine? Will the adventurer come to life on maps? Or is the dark tale of interstellar infection and possibly possession a more compelling pick?

Players who want a say in the next Illaoi skin that makes it into the game must cast their votes before November 14. Once the winner is chosen, Riot will provide updates on the progress and development of the skin every two weeks.

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