New Overwatch Map Reveals the Face of the Mysterious Junkertown Voice

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Overwatch players have heard the voice of the Queen of Junkertown for some time. Now they finally get a glimpse of her face. A poster bearing the likeness of the mysterious character appears in the new Escort map preview.

Even with so little to go on, the mysterious queen is already inspiring cos-play and has fans hoping she will be the next playable character. The Queen’s lore is not new to Overwatch. Her story was interwoven in both Junkertown natives Junkrat and Roadhog, both of whom fell on her bad side.

As the lore goes, the two heroes were exiled from her junk Kingdom for stealing her money and blowing up her “summer shack” – justifiable reasons to send anyone away.

The poster reveals the Junkertown Queen’s spiky and shadowy look. She sports a tall mohawk with a long braid in the back, a dog collar with various spiked junk armor, and a ripped t-shirt.

Another spot on the map also appears to show the queen’s weapons of choice. Two scrappy weapons can be seen leaning against the wall next to what appears to be a throne-like royal junk chair, appropriately propped up on a cinder block. One of the weapons, a long spear, has what looks like an electrical element in the middle, while the other is tipped with a very menacing saw blade.

Based on her own words in the game, both written and spoken, the Queen of Junkertown is a ruthless fighter that does not believe in mercy.



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