Poker Player Wins $1Million Weight Loss Bet

36-year old poker-pro Walter Fisher hit a rut in 2016 after a series of successful months where it seemed nothing could go wrong.  The young pro began to gain weight and lose money. After several months of this cycle and reaching a total body weight of 245lbs, he was ready for a change.

Fisher was challenged by a friend to make a change, if he were able to reduce his body fat to less than 10 percent in six months, he would get $100,000. Fisher accepted and reached out to high-stakes gambling friends, Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins for backing.

Within a month a total of $1 million had been wagered on the challenge, and the money was placed in escrow to secure it. Half of the total would go directly in Fisher’s pocket and allow him to clear debts and replenish his poker bankroll.

Fisher then set his mind to the challenge and began strict dieting and daily workout routines with personal trainer Chris DiVecchio.

DiVecchio is the owner of Premier Mind & Body in Los Angeles and accepted a small payment upfront and a piece of the action after the bet was won. After the initial tests, Fisher found out his starting body fat was 33 percent and he would have to put in much work.

However, after months of high-intensity interval training and weights every day Fisher was able to get his body fat down to 13 percent by the half way mark. His routine got more intense, and the team even brought in a special sports nutritionist.

Then on June 22, the young poker player faced the moment of truth after a bone-density scanner measured his accurate readings, the result came in a bet winning 8.8.

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