League of Legends Reality Show Slated for YouTube

A new esports reality show is coming to YouTube. The show takes place in Australia and will follow the country’s aspiring professional League of Legends players. “The Next Gamer” is a reality tv esports contest that begins with 40 hopefuls and ends with just one winner.

The official announcement for the show’s contest reads “Spawning Soon.” Based on the wording of the announcement, there will be a qualifier to get on the show, followed by a final of sorts where the show’s costars compete to be crowned The Next Gamer.

The first qualifier will run for five days. The top 10 players who survive the qualifiers will then move into The Next Gamer House. If it is anything like other reality tv shows, the house will be equipped with cameras everywhere, intending to capture what it is like to be a gamer in the midst of a stressful competition.

While in the house the contestants will face daily challenges and tests of their “mental fortitude.” Half of the house mates will be eliminated after the first week. The remaining five will form a team and battle Oceania’s top LoL teams.

The first season of the show will end in a live finale where the remaining players each try to prove they have the chops to join an actual professional esports team. The winner will be awarded $10,000 in prize money and a six-month contract with an unspecified Austrailian pro League of Legends team.

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