RiftAnalyst Software Offers Better Gaming to League of Legends Players

Developers of a new analysis software for the sports industry say they have the answer that can help League of Legends players “reach their pinnacle.” The software tool is called RiftAnalyst and it offers unique insights that the company claims will produce better gaming.

RiftAnalyst produces its data through a direct link from the Riot API. Users can import ranked and unranked match data, review their own play or that of their teammates, and use what they learn to improve their game.

RiftAnalyst also allows users to skip to specific events in play including Dragon kills and Tower kills. It makes team planning sessions easier with the ability to annotate videos and highlight moves on specific frames.

Fluendo, developer of the video analysis software, has created such products for various sports teams including the Spanish National Handball Team. While RiftAnalyst is designed for League of Legends pros, its price point will be accessible to all players – it starts at free, with premium priced at just 3.99 Euros per month.

“We have created a platform using our experience working with football, rugby, hockey and other sports teams that will seriously improve a player’s’ ability, while providing assistance to those who coach or analyze gameplay,” says Fluendo CEO Mrecé Delgado.

Delgado claims there are currently no video analysis tools currently available specifically for esports. The tricky part is the uniqueness of each esports title – each will require its own unique software. Delgado did not say which if any esports titles Fluendo will develop video notation apps for in the future.

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