Why Sit & Go 2.0 crushes Beat the Clock

Why Sit & Go 2.0 crushes Beat the Clock

You’d think the world’s biggest poker site would be innovation leaders. But that’s not the case as confirmed today with PokerStars’ launch of Beat the Clock tournaments.

Beat the Clock is billed as all the excitement of poker crammed into 5 minutes. And if you survive, you’re guaranteed to win something. In a nutshell, these Sit & Go tournaments are really just a rebranding of bounty tournaments, with a hint of Americas Cardroom’s Cage thrown in.

PokerStars is really pumping this “new” format through social media and other channels, but dig deep into the actual format and you’ll see that this really isn’t a new concept at all.

What is new, however, is Americas Cardroom’s upcoming Sit & Go 2.0. This is truly the next evolution of poker and something that players can get excited about.

Let’s get real for a second. Sit & Go games are fun, but they haven’t really evolved much since they launched online. And because of this, a lot of people have grown tired of Sit & Go games. Sit & Go 2.0 by Americas Cardroom, changes the game.

Sit & Go 2.0 is designed to potentially pay out more players and more money. The game begins with each player receiving one card, face down. Each player flips over their card and with each green card revealed (decks are green and red), the prize pool increases. Not only does the prize pool increase, but the number of players getting paid out increases with it. As soon as a red card is flipped over, the prize pool is set and the game begins.

The online version of Sit & Go 2.0 also has a gold card component that could lead to a gigantic jackpot worth high 5-figures.

When we tested Sit & Go 2.0 live in Punta Cana this year, we witnessed something never before seen in poker— an entire table standing up and cheering with each green card that was flipped over. With Sit & Go 2.0, everyone is really in it together before the first flop is dealt (after that time, it’s business as usual, of course).

If you’re after a truly innovative poker game, Sit & Go 2.0 is your best bet. If you prefer lipstick on a pig, well, you know where to go.

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