Silk Road Prosecutor Sees Future In Bitcoin

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One of the US federal prosecutors who worked on the infamous Silk Road investigation, that certainly gave Bitcoin a bad name, has gone on the record as saying that despite trying to "bring Bitcoin to an end", she now sees that there is plenty of use for the digital currency in a non-criminal setting.

For Kathryn Hahn, who had never actually heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency before being asked to prosecute cases involving it, including Silk Road, it has been an amazing turnaround. During and after the Silk Road case, which also saw her prosecute a couple of federal agents for attempting to steal over $800,000 worth of Bitcoin, her view was almost entirely, understandably, negative. All she saw was the dark side and how people used Bitcoin to hide behind and as a way to launder money. She has a baptism of fire into the whole thing.

Nowadays though, she actually teaches courses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and has seen that when it comes to crime, traditional cash is still far more the preferred way of doing business. This has led her to review her negative thing on Bitcoin and admit that it can be used for good. She’s especially bullish on blockchain technology that she believes can be used in law enforcement and help against ID theft.

Haun’s interview can currently be found on Forbes and is an interesting read for anyone interested in digital currency.



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