Overwatch: New Oasis Map Goes Live On PC

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The servers are updated and the game is on – the new Oasis map is now live for PC Overwatch players. The advanced new city brings a variety of new elements into the game, such as moving traffic that can cost the heroes their life and interactive jump pads.

Oasis was first revealed during BlizzCon, where fans first heard about the new jump pads. Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed then that the jump pads would provide new possibilities when with the ultimate abilities of certain heroes.

Oasis technically arrived early, as Blizzard originally slated the release of the new map for December on PC with the full launch on all systems in early 2017. In their release announcement posted November 29 they state the new patch, which includes the map as well as Sombra’s reworking, is still in development.

The release describes Oasis as “one of the world’s most advanced cities,” and seems to set up a landscape of amazing technology with the high potential for corrupt rulership. “The city and its inhabitants are governed by the Ministries,” it reads, “who have attracted the interest of powerful organizations from around the world.”

So a highly advanced urban experiment that is the focus of several powerful global interests – what could go wrong?

The new map is available for anyone with a PC copy of the game. However, the server can only support 10,000 players in the new map at a time, and certain features such as loot boxes will not be available until the full release.

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