24 players currently registered for The Cage

The days of tiny showings in The Cage seem to be over. As of publication time, 24 players have already registered to play in the time-based cash game that goes down tonight at 7pm ET at Americas Cardroom.

Each player in The Cage starts with exactly $1,000 in chips. The goal of The Cage is to survive the five hours with chips still in hand. Each of the five levels sees increasing blinds and antes, much like a tournament. But unlike a tourney, if you bust out, you’re out. There’s no buying back in.

But you don’t just want to survive The Cage. You want to get everyone’s chips and build your stack like a Texas Hold’em champion. When the clock strikes zero, you get cash for whatever your chip stack is worth.

The beautiful thing about The Cage is that there can be multiple big winners. It’s possible for one player to win all the chips, but it’s also possible for 8 to 10 players to walk away with thousands in cash.

You never know what might happen in The Cage, but if you’ve got $1,000+50 lying around, you can find out firsthand. If that’s a bit too much for you, jump into a satellite and win your way into next week’s event for Just $50+5.

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