Three Innocuous Poker Chips Rising In Value Thanks To Election

An interesting event has occurred regarding some poker chips from one of Donald Trump's now defunct Atlantic City casinos. A man from Roan Mountain, Tennessee, has three $1 poker chips that he saved years ago after visiting the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino that closed in 2011 (now the Golden Nugget) while on vacation. Charles Woods told a local newspaper that he collects a couple of dollar poker chips from every casino he visits, but with these, he tried an experiment last week.

In an effort to see how much Trump memorabilia might be worth given the current election campaign, he put them up on sale in a local classified ad for $75 each - bear in mind these are three $1 chips that are now worthless as the casino no longer exists - and the offers came flooding in. He even got a guy offering $1,500 for the three. That's the power of the Trump name right now. For good or for bad, it has become connected with history.

Victor Mongeau from Legacy America, a company that trades in political and cultural memorabilia said that it's quite normal for items like this to reach such high prices, but once the elections is over and the hype dies down, the prices will drop back down.

So if any of you readers have old chips from any of Trump's poker rooms in the past, maybe now is the time to get them onto eBay or Craigslist. Just a thought.

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