Professional Magic Player Creates Day of the Dead Themed Poker Game

Professional Magic The Gathering player John Fiorillo has created a poker-inspired game featuring fantastic Day of the Dead artwork. According to the game's website, a Kickstarter campaign for the game, called Drawing Dead, is set to launch Wednesday, October 19.

Although the artwork in the game is a bit on the darker side, BoardGameGeek called it a “family-friendly card game.” A cross between traditional poker and an RPG, the game is set in the Wild West and features 10 distinct characters who each bring their own unique strategies.

Each character also has their secrets. The game's website says they are each “hiding something sinister and ghastly,” a suiting back story for their Day of the Dead styles.

“It's more than just a poker game with a twist,” said Fiorillo, “it's an immersive adventure.” The designer says he designed this new card game to be accessible for non-gamers while including the strategic depth that captures the interest of hard-core gamers.

Plus, who doesn't like a little dirty poker every now and then? The game promises to including plenty of lying, cheating, and stealing alongside skillful winning.

Drawing Dead is not Fiorillo's first venture into game making. This has lead developer credits on the games SolForge, Ascension, and You Gotta Be Kitten Me released through Stoneblade Entertainment.

For Drawing Dead, Fiorillo has launched a new production company called Gold Baby Games. The success of this first game on Kickstarter could mean more creative card games from the Magic pro in the future. 

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