New SoCal Poker Location Faces Traffic Problems

The brand new Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego, situated about 20 miles outside of downtown San Diego, was drawing criticism from protesters even before it opened this week, with many people concerned about possible traffic snarls on Route 94 that runs alongside it.

Turns out that since Monday's grand opening, alongside construction work, those critics were correct traffic back up for miles in and around the casino and as authorities warned that the delays could last all week.

To counter the criticism, the Hollywood Casino's general manager Richard St. Jean put out a statement earlier in the week saying that this kind of traffic jam was "common" when large facilities opened up and that things would settle down quickly. Residents of the town of Jamul disagreed with St. Jean's optimism, saying that these delays were not common at all, and that this was just the beginning of a new normal in the area, given that the casino is going to be open 24/7.

Residents also complained of safety issues as motorcyclists tried to get out of the traffic by weaving around and crossing intersections at the wrong time.

With a brand new poker room consisting of 47 tables, the Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego promises to become one of poker's new top spots outside of LA in California. It's hoped that these teething problems don't taint what could become a wonderful place.

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