Marijuana Packages Worth More Than $300,000 Wash Up On Florida Beaches

Forget the metal detector – the latest treasures turning up on Florida beaches are full of plant matter. The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency reports more than $300,000 worth of illegal marijuana has washed up along the coast of Florida.

Lots of Pot
The CBP reportedly recovered nearly 400 pounds of marijuana in less than 30 days between September 15 and October 12.

Time For A Swim?
The agency believes there could be several hundred-thousand dollars more in marijuana just floating near the coast. This is due to the latest smuggling trend, which appears to have backfired for smugglers and was brought in by the tide instead.

Suspicious Packages Are Dangerous
Even if brown paper packages tied up with string are among your favorite things, officials say it is not a good idea to keep any you find on the beach. The CBP released a warning on Monday for all boaters and beachgoers along the Florida coast, telling them not to take possession of any suspicious packages as they could be dangerous.

The risk not only comes from the mysterious illegal substances concealed inside, but because “violent criminal networks will attempt to recover their narcotics,” according to the CBP.

Miami CBP division chief Todd Bryant is urging everyone who spots a suspicious package, or who sees someone in the act of smuggling drugs, to report the incident immediately. Last month the agency apprehended 56 undocumented Cuban migrants along the coast of South Florida.

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