High-Stakes Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Bets $5M On Solo Row Across The Atlantic

After a hard year and some big losses in poker, high-stakes player Dan Bilzerian is ready to embark on a risky bet to balance his bankroll. The 35-year-old will attempt a journey that fewer men have made than have gone to the moon – for $5 million he will row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Hedge fund manager Bill Perkins is reportedly eyeing the bet. It would be a continuation of the wagers on feats of endurance between the two men that began earlier this year, when Perkins paid out $1 million to Bilzerian for completing a bike trek from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

So far the two have yet to firm up any details for the row boat bet, such as a date or where the trip would begin and end. Bilzerian, who estimates the distance at 3,000 miles, told CardPlayer earlier this year that he was interested in rowing from England to New York City on a prop bet.

According to Bilzerian, this would not be the most dangerous thing he has done. The feat is comparable to scaling Mount Everest. One of the more recent attempts at crossing the Atlantic solo, made by a 70-year-old doctor from Norway, ended early in a rescue from the stormy waters after 84 days.

Bilzerian prepared for this year’s bike trek by training with none other than Lance Armstrong. When asked how he plans to train for his next feat he laughed and responded: “Probably a lot of rowing.”

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