DFS Season-Long Game Versions Come To FanDuel And Yahoo

In response to DraftKing’s launch of a new season-long game Leagues, daily fantasy sports (DFS) competitors FanDuel and Yahoo have both launched their own versions. Called “Friends Mode” by Fan Duel and the “Yahoo Cup” over at Yahoo, it allows players to create private leagues and invite friends to join.

Contests in the new game/mode run week-to-week similar to regular DFS. The commissioner of the league (the player who created it) sets up the contests and manages the calendar. Essentially, it is a way for friends to enjoy DFS and play against one another without having to worry about maintaining their teams for a full season.

However, for groups of friends in it for the long haul there is a leader board feature that shows how each team is doing and earns players bragging rights over a full season. The money is only involved in the daily or weekly contests

Yahoo’s version adds an extra twist. In Yahoo Cup, leagues cannot be kept private and instead, everyone who participates is forced to compete against everyone else. The site posts $10,000 in prizes for the top point earners each week, following the first 16 weeks of the NFL season. At the end of the 16 weeks the teams with the most points overall will share a $93,000 prize pool, with season winner earning a $50,000 first prize.

In the Yahoo Cup, there is no requirement to participate in every week and everyone who plays will qualify for every round. Yahoo appears to be the first of the three sites to offer such prizes in the new feature.

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