Conan O’Brian Makes Fun Of WSOP Players

It’s always great to see poker and the WSOP get some publicity in the real world, that world of the late night TV talk shows that regular people outside of poker watch. Even if the publicity comes at the WSOP players’ expense. No publicity is bad publicity, right?

Players should bear that old saying in mind when the famous talk show host and comedian Conan O’Brien took a light hearted swipe at the WSOP and his players over the weekend on Twitter when he spoke of the Olympics finally ending. He told his 21 million followers, “Now that the Olympics are over, I can get back to comparing my body to the athletes on World Series of Poker.”

The joke was, obviously, that poker players are often in, let’s say, less than perfect physical form, unlike the likes of Michael Phelps and the other Olympians who have just returned triumphantly from Brazil. It’s a reasonably funny quip pretty typical of O’Brien.

Of course, poker players nowadays, especially the younger crop of online and tournament superstars coming through, are pretty good about keeping fit. Part of being good at poker is about being physically and mentally active in order to stay healthy and at peak. But O’Brien wouldn’t know that. To him it was just a funny one liner.

Hopefully no-one took his comments any more seriously than what they were intended to be for.

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