Boston Celtics Player Buys Renegades Esports Team

With a successful seven-year NBA career under his belt, Jonas Jerebko of the Boston Celtics has decided to try his luck in esports – not as a player but as a team owner. Jerebko purchased the Renegades, a struggling organization which has teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and Halo.

As a self-proclaimed video game fan Counter-Strike player himself, Jerebko knows a bit about what he is getting into. The purchase was well planned, as he says he had been interested in purchasing an organization for a long time before the opportunity to acquire the Renegades came up.

He plans to give his organization a boost by instilling proper structuring and payment for players. Jerebko follows a slew of other athletes who have made the jump from traditional sports into esports, such as Shaquille O’Neal, who is a co-owner of NRG Esports.

His first step as owner was to move the Renegades from Australia to Rochester, Michigan. There the squad will all be together, sharing a house and honing their skills. They will be based out of Detroit. Before he played for the Celtics Jerebko spent five years with the Detroit Pistons.

Next, he says, he will focus on reorganizing the leadership of the organization. The former owner of the Renegades was a League of Legends player, but disbanded the team when he received a permanent ban from the game. Jerebko says he is looking to hire an expert in the esports industry to lead his organization.

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