Sony Bans PSN User From Using His Real Name, Costs Him Friends And Trophies

Unfortunately for Jihad Almofada, most people outside the Muslim world are unaware of the complex and nuanced meaning behind his first name, associating it exclusively with Islamic terrorism. The representatives at Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) can be counted among those who are unfamiliar with other uses of the world “Jihad,” and they locked him out of his account for making it his username.

Curiously, iJihaD had been the name on Al Mofadda’s account since around 2009, he claims. Not only that, but there are reportedly 9,800 other users who use “jihad” as part of their user name on the PSN. In the 7 years he has had the account Almofada had amassed many friends on the PSN social network and earned several trophies. He was shocked when his account was suddenly blocked, then shut down entirely on June 7.

Unable to access his purchased games, states, and trophies and unable to restore his handle, Almofada took to Reddit to tell his story, eventually sending the full details to reporters.

He received an email from a Sony representative spelling out the issue. Explaining that there had been a report submitted by a user who found his name offensive and that Sony must “consider the network as a whole,” the letter confirmed a firm decision on Sony’s part to ban his account.

Although they remained unwilling to accept his name, Almofada was able to be reinstated on the PSN network with the handle “Jiii,” though all of the friends, social connections and trophies associated with his previous account have been deleted.

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