Dutch Burger King Restaurant Announces That It Will Now Accept Bitcoin


The local branch of Burger King in the Dutch city of Arnhem has announced yesterday that it has joined the Bitcoin revolution and that it will now accept payments in the renowned digital currency. In fact, the Home of the Whopper said that anyone who pays in Bitcoin at their restaurant will receive a second Whopper for free, such is their enthusiasm for the project. The franchise also plans to host Bitcoin meetups for tourists and locals who are interested the concept of Bitcoin and digital currencies.

According to sources in Arnhem, the franchise owners of the city's Burger King were convinced by local startups to start accepting Bitcoin in their restaurant.

Arnhem is considered to be one of the most Bitcoin-friendly and Bitcoin accessible cities in the world, with around 100 or so businesses and merchants accepting it. Arnhem Bitcoinstad (Bitcoincity in English) is a project set up by Bitcoin enthusiasts in Arnhem aimed at convincing local business owners (bars, cafes etc) to accept Bitcoin, and they have been instrumental in the increase of places where Bitcoin can be spent there. Arnhem Bitcoinstad not only just helps to increase the number of Bitcoin merchants in Arnhem, but it also helps them with all other aspects such as keeping their wallets and helping them access suppliers who also accept it.

The aim of Arnhem Bitcoinstad is "to start a real Bitcoin economy, and prove that a real, viable alternative for the current financial system is possible and actually happening”.

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