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Multi-Table Tournaments

Americas Cardroom brings you all of the excitement of a major Las Vegas poker tournament right to your doorstep every day of the week.  ACR offers a vast selection of multi-table tournaments including monthly Sunday majors with guaranteed prize pools of $125,000!

ACR hosts a diverse tournament schedule with a variety of games including Texas Holdem, Omaha HI, and Omaha HI/LO along with a range of buy-ins to suit every type of player’s bankroll.  Each tournament has the capacity to hold up to 4,000 players to potentially create massive prize pools!


The registration process is very straight forward.  Simply click on the tournament lobby and either click once or double click on the highlighted tournament. You may then register for the tournament by clicking on the big red tournament button displayed on the bottom right corner of the tournament lobby.

Every Multi-Table tournament begins at a specified date and time. Players are encouraged to register for tournaments in advance however with ACR's late registration you may register for the tournament even though multiple levels of the tournament have passed.  The amount of levels in the late registration period varies per tournament.  You can find out how many levels remain in the specific tournament lobby.

To register for these Online Poker tournaments, you must pay your buy-in plus the registration fee. A $10 No Limit tournament would actually cost $11. The buy-in would be $10+1 ($10 for the prize pool and $1 for the entry fee). This practice is standard in all online poker rooms and bricks-and-mortar casinos.

Once the buy-in has been paid, you'll be taken to your table and receive your starting chips. All players will start the tournament with an equal number of chips.  Each tournament has a maximum of 10 players per table; all registered players will be randomly seated. As players get knocked out, tables are closed and players are moved to other tables to ensure tables remain balanced.


Multi-table tournaments give you a better opportunity to make a huge score than any other type of poker offered on ACR.  Remember the initial buy-in you paid prior to taking your seat? Well that buy-in is thrown in a giant prize pool with the buy-ins from every other player.

At the end of the online poker tournament, a specified number of players will share that prize pool based on how they finish. While a range of factors determines how much money can be won, here's a classic example of a $10 No-Limit Holdem tournament:

  • If 450 players enter the tourney, a total prize pool of $4,500 will be available. Using our standard pay-out schedule, the winner will earn $1,350 and the second place finisher will earn $585, and so on. Not bad for an $11 investment.


The majority of ACR tournaments also offer satellites.  Satellites are a smaller tournament that takes place prior to the tournament in question in which the winner(s) are rewarded an entry or ticket to the bigger prize pool event. 

Players can parlay a smaller initial investment into an entry to play in a bigger event that would normally be out of reach because the cost is too big for their bankroll.  Satellites can level the playing field by allowing all players an opportunity to play in higher buy-in/big ticket events.

Intrigued by Multi-Table tournaments? Americas Cardroom offers you a number of online Poker Multi-Table tournaments every single day. It takes is as little as 25 cents to get into one so grab a seat and snatch some serious cash!