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Knock Out Tournaments

Our famous knock out tournaments allow you to win even if you don’t cash in the tournament.

These tournaments play much like your standard tournament with a twist!  For every player you knock out in these tournaments you receive an extra cash bounty! 

A designated bounty is posted in the tournament lobby of each Knock Out tournament.  Simply eliminate a player and that cash will be credited to your account regardless if you make the money bubble or not! 

For example: ACR posts a $20+2 knockout tournament in which $15 goes towards the tournament prize pool and bounties are designated at $5.  As you make your way through the tournament you knockout 4 different players, that’s an extra $20!  You then make the money bubble and win $80!  Knock out tournaments give you multiple ways to win and help you secure your entry fee back with every player you eliminate. 

Our knock out tournaments can be found in the “Tournaments” section under the “Scheduled Tournament Tab”.