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Ready to get your hands on the latest gadgets, high-end tech toys, poker vacations, and anything else you can imagine? The Elite Benefits Store is now open for business.

Use your Combat Points as valuable currency to buy merchandise from our online store, or get access to free cash. You can purchase anything that is available to players of your rank.

To check out our store, simply log in to the Americas Cardroom client and click the “Rewards” tab.


Please note there may be duty and tax payable (on goods received) to the appropriate authorities depending on your country of residence. You may also be asked to provide identification upon the release of any goods sent to you.

The paying of duty, tax and/or any other fees is the sole responsibility of the recipient. It is also your sole responsibility to provide any documentation required by the relevant authorities in your country of residence.

Failure to comply with the regulations of your country of residence is completely at your own risk. We take no responsibility for your non-compliance.

Any Combat Points lost due to non-compliance of the regulations within your country of residence, will not be reimbursed.