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On Demands are in Demand

This promotion ended on June 1st, 2018 and is no longer available.
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How does an extra $1,000 a week in your pocket for the next month sound to you?
Peaked your interest? Ready to get grinding?

It’s definitely worth your while if you are! For four straight weeks from May 5th to June 1st, we’ll be adding an extra $40,000 per week to the Sit & Crush Race prize pool, awarding $500-$1,000 to the top 60 players who place in the money. That’s $160,000 of total added value!

We’re also adding a way to earn more points each week, especially for those who play On Demand Tournaments. Those who get in early can cash in big.

That’s because during each of the 4 races, if you are pre-registered for an On-Demand Tournament before the tournament begins, and you play it out, you’ll earn double the points!

Money added for Each Race:

1st-20th Place: Extra $1,000 each!
21st-60th Place: Extra $500 each!

Dates of the On Demands are In Demand Promo (each race goes from Saturday at 00:00am ET to Friday at 23:59pm ET)

1st race: May 5th to 11th
2nd race: May 12th to 18th
3rd race: May 19th to 25th
4th race: May 26th to June 1st

You can also earn points in the Sit & Crush races by playing regular Sit & Go’s, or Jackpot Poker Games. Please visit our Sit & Crush page for more information on the weekly race!