Will The "Next" Las Vegas Be In The UK? Don't Bet Against It

Many different places around America and the world have been hyped up as the "next" Las Vegas over the years. Macau, China. Atlantic City, New Jersey. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. And to be fair, these places, alongside many others, have managed to carve out their own niches as gaming and pleasure centers in their regions. Now, a new place is on the cards to be considered a Las Vegas substitute, and it's in a corner of northern England.

Blackpool is a resort town on England's northwest coast, situated on the Irish Sea. It's long famous as a place where Britons went on vacation before cheap flight revolution that sent them abroad in the 60s and 70s. Since then, the town has gone into decline like many other British beach resorts. Over recent years, however, moves have been in place to reinvent the town as the UK's first real casino resort. Two multimillionaires have separate plans in place to create huge luxury resorts with different themes, thousands of rooms, and massive gaming floors. These plans have been rejected by the city council thus far, but in the meantime, many other smaller casinos have started to open up in town, and as more of them arrive, it only seems to be a matter of time before the big boys come in as well.

It will be a long time until Blackpool really is a "new" Las Vegas, but casino-lovers should watch this space.

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