Startup Wants To Teach Gamers How To Make Money In Esports

A new tech startup believes they have the solution to one of esports biggest problems: professional salaries. LVLUP Dojo is an online course platform created by professional gamers. They want to put their experience to work to teach fellow gamers how to make money through some creative means.

Some are YouTubers with views in the millions, others stream on Twitch to six-figure audiences; all of them have found a way to earn a living as a professional gamer that is not dependent on a team salary.

In a recent interview with Inc., LVLUP Dojo co-founder Louie Cesario said they got the idea when they saw fellow pro-gamers failing to earn what they deserved. “ We started realizing that gamers needed help finding meaningful ways to monetize,” said Cesario.

The reality is that gamers have to make money in order to keep gaming as their primary focus. With only so many competition prizes available and so few positions on paying teams, alternative income streams become an essential way for players to launch their careers.

The courses offered by LVLUP Dojo cover everything a player needs to master to make money in esports, according to pros who have already followed the steps. Starting with mental preparation, the instruction includes creating profitable social media streams and how to become a thought leader in the industry.

Of course, the pros behind the lessons are making money off the platform, which is further proof of what they preach. The platform is actually unique in that its revenue sharing, which pays each instructor a percentage of the profits.

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