Riot Adds New 'Tactical Depth' To League of Legends Map

In an effort to increase the “sources on the map for tactical depth,” Riot games has added some new features to the jungle in League of Legends. These are part of a host of changes that the game maker plans to introduce before the 2017 professional season gets underway.

The first of the changes comes in the form of three new plants: Scryer's Bloom, Honey Fruit, and Blast Cone. Videos of all three plants are already available on YouTube, demonstrating their functions. The Scryer's Bloom provides vision for dragons and the Baron pit when it is hit.

The Honey Fruit is found in the river and can provide a useful defense. The team in control of the lane also control the Honey Fruit. Their use is said to help junglers stay in the jungle and stay ahead in the lane.

Lastly, the Blast Cone will have a similar function as a satchel, helping a player invade and escape. While the addition of these three plants may be small, it will have a large impact on the game. They are part of a new direction in development that will allow players to develop more specific playstyles.

In a recent post Riot's Gentleman Gustaf wrote about how the changes are designed to encourage masteries. “Overall, we want players to have masteries that make them feel 'that's what I want,' not 'I guess this is optimal.'”

Other changes include more variance in the jungle camps and a nerf to the Aegis of the Legion. In the later, Riot is changing its function to provide more specific support/defense and taking away its aura stats.

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