Riot and Yahoo Create A New University League of Legends Event

Yahoo Esports has announced the addition of ULoL Rivalries, a new University League of Legends Event Yahoo has created in partnership with Riot Games. In the official announcement on the Yahoo Esports website they state that the season will begin streaming November 4.

Collegiate rivalries are about to get a lot more interesting, for video game fans at least. The tournament series will include 10 university teams, and to make it more interesting they are allowing LoL fans to vote on which universities are invited to present a competing team. The voting process began on Monday, and fans will be able to log in and vote every day for their favorite rivalry.

Will it be Florida vs. Florida State? UCLA vs. USC? For the first time fans will have the chance to decide. The top five rivalries will be included in the inaugural season. There are twelve rivalries to choose from including the two listed above: Michigan-Ohio State, Cal-Stanford, Texas-Texas A&M, Harvard-Yale, Virginia-Virginia Tech, Simon Fraser-UofBC, BYU-Utah, Duke-North Carolina, Alabama-Auburn, and Arizona-Arizona State.

The vote count is currently underway on, and fans have until October 10 to make their selections.

The The tournament event will span five weeks, featuring a live-streaming match each week on Twitch.

The idea for ULoL was born out of the already existing network of student-run League of Legends clubs. On the Yahoo Esports website the announcement states “The ULoL Rivalries series will enable players and fans to engage with unique League coverage, media personalities and advertising sponsors.”

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