Paladins Developer Responds To Overwatch Copycat Claims

After a number of copycat claims comparing the upcoming game from Hi-Rez Studios to Overwatch, including a video splicing the two games together which went viral, the developer has released an official response. Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris says Overwatch was not the inspiration for Paladins, and that he has the early gameplay footage to prove it.

Both first-person hero shooters feature a fantastical cast of characters with unique abilities, several of which are quite similar. Both games feature diverse maps that lead players to arena-style shootouts. Both are bright and upbeat compared to other games in their category and the comparisons do not end there.

For anyone familiar with the mega-popular game Overwatch, which was only just released earlier this year, it clearly appears that the soon-to-be-released Paladins is the copycat. However, Harris says that is categorically untrue.

In his official statement he claims that Hi-Rez laid the groundwork that would become Paladins 10 years ago in the game Global Agenda. Furthermore, he asserts that certain similar features in both games, such as Chests and character abilities, appeared in the Paladins gameplay footage ahead of Overwatch.

He closes by inviting investigation into the copycat claims. “People who are interested can see al this early gameplay footage on YouTube and come to their own conclusions.”

As pointed out by IGN, Overwatch was first revealed in 2014 at Blizzcon, whereas the characters with marked similarities to Overwatch heroes were not revealed in Paladins until 2015. Paladins became available on September 16 as early access and open beta on Steam.

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