On Eve Of GPL Restart, Fans Split Over "Cube"

Back during the "Summer Series" - or Part One - of the Global Poker League's inaugural season, the GPL took a survey on it's website where they invited fans and viewers to let them know what they thought of "The Cube", the glass box that the players stand in to play. The idea of it was to give the game a more arena-like feeling. The players play standing up and cannot see out, while the audience and viewers can see in. It's meant to give the GPL more of a feel of a spectator sport.

"The Cube" and the GPL will be back tomorrow to recommence battle and players from all the teams will be stepping up to face each other to try to win Season One. So the question is, did "The Cube" format work? Did fans like it and will they continue to like it enough to keep the GPL viable in it's current format?

The answers are mixed. On a scale of 1-5, where 1 means that "The Cube" sucks and 5 means that it's the saviour of poker, the average rating among the 297 respondents to the GPL's survey (in itself, a small amount) was 3.18. A little better than the halfway mark, but still a little "meh" in all honesty.

What this means for the GPL and it's head honcho Alex Dreyfus is that the league cannot rest on it's laurels. The concept is great, but to survive the GPL must continue to try to innovate.

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