NFL Commissioner Cools Down Vegas NFL Talk

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made an attempt over the weekend to pour cool waters onto the speculation over Las Vegas becoming home to a football team, specifically the Oakland Raiders.

A lot has been made over the plans for the new NFL stadium in town and it's no secret that the Raiders and their owner, Mark Davis, are doing all that they can in order to make the move happen. Roger Goodell, however, attempted to calm things down and state that he'd prefer to see the Raiders stay in Oakland and that "there’s still a lot that has to happen" before the NFL would even consider allowing the team to move.

Goodell has always been unenthusiastic about the prospects for an NFL franchise in Las Vegas due to his preoccupations over the gambling business, and so it comes as no surprise that he would try to slow down any move for a change here. More and more team owners within the NFL, though, have expressed support for Las Vegas one day having an NFL team of its own, and it's probably a certainly that one day Sin City will have one, whether that team is or is not the current Oakland Raiders.

In the meantime plans for the stadium are going ahead with the unanimous vote last week by the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee to recommend public funding for the project.

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