New Online Poker Sitcom Pilots

A new sitcom pilot for a show about online poker has completed it's pilot and is now looking around to either broadcast online or through a cable company. The show, called "Luckboxes", was created by LA filmmaker Ryan Firpo, who is also listed as the writer, director, producer and editor. It comes on the back of a recent documentary that he made about online poker called "Bet Raise Fold" where after hearing a bunch of real-life stories during his research, he was inspired to create a cast of characters around the game.

"Luckboxes" about two brothers who meet some online poker players while working as furniture removers and repairmen. One of the brothers, Ariel, is a recent college graduate who can't get a job with the economy like it is. He falls in with Zoe, an online poker player who has made millions and who bankrolls other online players from her mansion. Set in 2009, the show comes before the infamous Black Friday of 2011 when online poker for the most part pulled out the the United States.

Zoe told Ariel and his brother, "Last year, I was a freshman at Brown majoring in international finance and on the weekends I would play online poker just to blow off some steam. And pretty soon, I realized that I could either graduate with $400,000 in student loans during the worst recession in 80 years, or I could become a multimillionaire before I turned 20."

The show is exec-produced by Jason Somerville.

LUCKBOXES // Original Series Trailer from Ryan Firpo on Vimeo.

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