Moneymaker Says He Deserves His Poker Hall Of Fame Nomination

Chris Moneymaker has been talking about his recent nomination into the group of ten individuals currently under consideration to enter the Poker Hall of Fame this year. Out of the ten players, movers, and shakers vying for those two coveted spots in the the annals of the best of the best in poker, Moneymaker could perhaps be the most controversial. Everyone has heard of him, after all, but in all honesty, it's been a long time since he really made his mark on the game.

Moneymaker, of course, won the WSOP in 2003 in his first ever live tournament. That win did more than anything to kickstart the "golden age" of poker. Moneymaker was proof that anyone could make it in the poker world with skill and luck. Moneymaker's win brought millions of new players and fans to the game. It's only his age that has kept him from being nominated for the PHOF before - 40 is the minimum age to be considered, and he's only just turned age.

Since then, however, he's not been prolific. Out of Moneymaker's estimated $3.6 million in poker earnings, $2.5 million game from his WSOP win. So does he deserve a spot in the PHOF now, in 2016?

Probably, yes. No-one can forget the impact he had back in the day. That has to be worth something, right? Moneymaker himself has said that he's been working hard all these years to promote and lobby for poker, outside of his famous win. Is that enough?

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