Mechs Vs. Minions: The League of Legends Board Game

Riot Games has announced their first official board game in the world of League of Legends: Mechs Vs. Minions. The game tells the story of mech training plans gone awry, leaving a cast of adorable Yordles to fight off trash mob minions.

In the description of the game on the League of Legends website it sounds like many interesting rounds and many hours of play are to be had from the game as “each mission is unique,” in the story-driven campaign. As Heimerdinger, Tristana, Corki, and Ziggs players must defend Rumble's prestigious mecha school from the minion menace.

Designed for two-to-four players, the board game uses programmatic movement from a shared draft. As objectives are achieved in the fight against minions a player will grow in power. Each of the 10 missions in the game will take over an hour to complete, so the Yordles had best bring snacks and maybe a few beers, if they're old enough.

The detailed story and board game design were a labor of love that took three years for Riot Games associate producer Chris Cantrell and a small team to complete. Fans of fantasy board and card games are already showing appreciation for their efforts.

On Kotaku several LoL fans launched a conversation in the comments about how the new game will be a fun alternative for friends who are bored of Magic The Gathering. One user writes “it's a purely co-op game. Sold.”

Mech Vs. Minions will be released on October 13 for $75, sold exclusively through the Riot store.

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