Law Enforcement Group Advocates For Repeal of Federal Sports Betting Ban

A group of law enforcement officials are behind a recent report that advocates for the repeal of the federal law which bans sports betting. The report was created by the officers on the Illegal Gambling Advisory Board, and released through the American Gaming Association.

Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act all forms of sports betting are illegal in most of the U.S. The AGA asserts that this ban is responsible for the thriving illegal sports betting market, currently estimated at $150- to $500 billion.

According to IGAB chair Tim Murphy, the size of the illegal market is evidence that the ban is not working and instead is “fueling criminal enterprises.” He lead the panel, which relied on the perspectives from current law enforcement to fully understand the problem and create the report.

In addition to the fact that the illegal underground sports betting market has no consumer protections and no safeguards for the integrity of sports, it is a completely untapped tax source for states. One of the biggest arguments in the report is that states should be able to legalize, regulate, and benefit from sports betting just like they are trusted to do with all other forms of gambling.

The IGAB report was planned to proceed a lobbying effort the AGA plans to launch in Congress at the start of next year's session. “No voice is more important than law enforcement to make clear the perils of a thriving illegal sports betting market,” said AGA CEO Geoff Freeman in a recent interview.

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