Jason Mercier All Over Next GPL Round

In the American Conference of the Global Poker League, Maria Ho of the Los Angeles Sunset team picked up the seven points to win the first round of games this week, as the GPL returned, leaving Jason Mercier and his New York Rounders in second place.

Things turned around for Mercier in the second of the two starting games on Tuesdays, though, and Mercier was the one who came flying through and getting the seven. Combining that with the five points from the first match, that twelve points was enough to make Mercier the out and out winner on the day and pul New York up into joint third place in the league table.

One interesting thing about the GPL is that most of the time the players are also doing other things, like playing properly for money. Mercer highlighted that fact on Twitter by telling the world that he managed to fit in his GPL commitments in-between games at the WCOOP (World Cup of Online Poker). It goes to show that the GPL is more of a fun diversion than a serious poker event for the top pros.

Yesterday the action moved over to the Eurasian Conference in the GPL, where the Moscoe Wolverines are currently in control of the table. Today will see the start of head to head matches in both the Eurasian and American conferences, with all teams working to get to the playoffs at the end of November.

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